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Sight Flow Indicators

C.I.E. manufactures a wide range of Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Glasses to cater to the general as well as specialized usage in process & Allied Industries . Cie make sight flow indicators offer an inexpensive means of viewing the process to assure that the stream is flowing or to note the process characteristics such as colour, turbidity, or other properties that might indicate process deterioration or equipment malfunction. Several types of analyzers require flow glasses so that the sensing element can see the process. Sight glasses are used sometimes in secondary services, such as condensate pot installations.

Types : Double Window, Full View, Inspection Glasses.

For specialized use to suit various fluids and flow characteristics they are made in models such as:-

  • Plain Type,
  • Drip Type,
  • Flapper Type,
  • Rotating Wheel Type
  • Angle Type.

  • " to 2" in screwed connection BSP, NPT, IS-554, S.W/B.W.
  • " to 8" in Flanged Connection ANSI, DIN, BS, IS and JIS

  • Toughened Glasses are thermal stock tested as per BS-3463/1962.
  • Process borosilicate Glasses are stress relieved to under take piping Strain and avoid breakage. For Critical service IMPORTED MOULDED glasses may be provided which can take a temp of 400LC

  • C.S., C.I., Brass G. M., SS-304/316, Alloy-20, PVC, HDP etc,
  • for highly corrosive application :rubber, lead or Teflon, lining.

    WORKING PRESSURE : 200kg/cm2
    WORKING TEMPERATURE : 2500C for Indigenous Glass & 400LC with Moulded Imported Glasses.
  • Glass cleaning arrangement
  • Cooling/heating jackets.

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